Get to know new Residents Cheap Picasso

Hello Cheap Picasso!

Obviously no strangers to the Cabaret Voltaire booth with GDM being one of our favourite nights at the venue but you recently played your first residency show with us at FLY… 

We trust that you had a good time but first, the question on everyone’s lips is… what is your go to ‘no spray no lay’ aftershave from Oscar? 

We’re big fans of the 80’s, which is lucky as most of Oscars fragrances come from this era… For everyday use it’s got to be some Old Spice (smell nice) or some Brut but when we need to pull out something special it has to be Fahrenheit by Christian Dior.


What secret weapons do you have packet in your bag for this time round? 

Has to be Mabiisi – Baakoya (Armenia Remix), an absolute weapon, 8 minutes of pure joy 

Also really feeling the Billka edit of Pink Floyds shine on you crazy diamond 



If you were out for a few drinks in the city before the club where would you go? 

99 Hanover street, always great music being played and also great staff!

What’s your favourite food joint in Edinburgh? 

Civerinos just up the street from Cabaret Voltaire – the best pizza in Edinburgh.


What staff member past or present do you think deserves a spot in the Cabaret Voltaire hall of fame and why? 

For us it would be Sarah David, the Queen of clubs.  She helped make Cab Vol what it was when we were younger clubbers and helped us out massively when staring up GDM.


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