La La on La La Land, female DJs and her worst ever song request

So La La – what have you been up to recently? 

Made the move through to the east side! I’m a Glasgow girl living in new turf!


How are you finding Edinburgh? Where are your favourite spots to:

Brunch: the pantry
Dinner: mussel inn
Have fun: tonic! x4 expresso martinis

You play quite regularly in the cafe is this your favourite room or do you prefer main room sets?

I don’t think you can compare the two as they are entirely different – size plays a big part in this. I love both for different reasons & I hope to bring two completely different styles to each room in the club whatever ‘genre’ of music I play it always has something more than just a base to it. My style is heavily influenced by everything soulful it could be techno but it has that LaLa edge to it. All the residents are different but I think people would be able to tell it was me without seeing me behind the decks!


Recently, we’ve noticed that some guys really peer over you while you play, almost questioning whether a girl could actually DJ, counting the beats and wagging their finger as if to show you that they too can mix… This never happens to any guys we have playing so we ask you – is this something that you encounter a lot? Do you ever find it hard being a girl in such a male dominated industry? 

Yes & no. I’ve grown up admiring people that play, although in Glasgow you would never have interrupted nor got in their personal space but I think that has changed. I’ve been playing for 4 years now so maybe I’ve become accustomed to the judgement but I like to think those people will be the ones dancing as the night progresses. People need to dance more & just listen to the music!


What’s been your best ever song request? 

Green velvet LaLaLand made me laugh.

What’s been your worst ever song request? 

Where is the toilet?

If you could pick three tracks to represent your sound what would they be? 



What is the idea behind La La Land? What should we expect differently to a usual FLY? 

Lalaland is different because it’s a female crew that’s the obvious, girl selectors bring something different to male residents. Girls have a harder job of proving their worth so I love that we have a platform for female talent. The room is always full of such energy.

Lastly, you’ve got a new girl CHLOÉ joining you this week – we’re excited to see what she has in store for us. Are they any other female DJs that you’ve got your eye on bringing down to the club soon?

Yes, we have some really cool things in the pipeline! Lips sealed for now.




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